All of these amazing-looking desserts are from Flor Pâtisserie, a Japanese-style bakery in Singapore. The desserts are all designed by a Japanese chef, Chef Yamashita, who has designed some of the most beautiful desserts I have ever seen. If you ever go to Singapore, plan to go there!

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From the top to the right: 

ナポレオン (Strawberry NapoleonThe traditional Napoleon, made with Chef’s signature puff pastry, the strawberry version)

抹茶ケーキ (Matcha Ke-kiKyoto-uji green tea flavored roll cake filled with FLOR’s own azuki red bean cream that is cooked painstakingly in a copper pot for 2 hours, topped with fresh strawberries and luscious cream

和栗ミルフィーユ (Waguri Millefeuilledelicate strands of French chestnut cream carefully piped over a sandwich of crisp, flaky puff pastry and pastry cream, topped with sweetened Japanese chestnuts

マンゴーパイ (Mango PieBaked creme d’amande [almond cream] tart filled with pastry cream, and topped with fresh ripe mango and blueberries)

ベリーベリース (Berries BerriesUsing traditional French method of aeration which does not use any chemical leavening, Chef Yamashita creates his signature strawberry shortcake, which consists of naturally soft sponge cake, fresh strawberries and luscious cream)

ブルーベリースフレ (Blueberry SouffléBaked light cheese soufflé sandwiched with a special blueberry cream and topped with a cold blueberry jelly

アールグレイ Choco (Earl Gray ChocoDelicate earl gray cream pipped onto Swiss roll of dark chocolate meringue and sweet banana)

若草山 (Wakakusayama- Named after the famous mountain in Nara, the Wakakusayama is smooth Kyoto-uji matcha cream pipped onto a Swiss roll of honey-infused green tea and FLOR’s own red bean cream)

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